Sintering furnace in Lianda Filter workshop, two employee standing by and comunicating.
Wire mesh sintering
Lianda Filter employee sitting and welding the sintered wire mesh filter disc with TIG welding
TIG/GTAW welding
Roll welding of multi-layer wire mesh filter element
Spot / roll welding
Laser cutting of 2.0m diameter sintered metal mesh filter disc on a laser cutting platform
Laser / EDM cutting
Round tubes and bars on the shelf for making end fitting of metal filter elements
Metal filter material

Lianda Filter is located in Anping County. Anping town is famous for its industrial chain of wire mesh. All kinds of the metal wire, wire mesh, wire cloth, whether stainless steel, brass, nickel, titanium, can be easily found in this small town.

Metal wire mesh is the main material for sintered wire mesh and metal filter elements manufacturing. Our operators have 10 years plus of experience with mesh fabrication methods like cutting, forming and welding.

We have developed our own mesh sintering process and kept the leading quality since 2005. And we keep exploring new fabrication like exotic alloy mesh sintering and laser welding for metal filter, therefore we can meet the new challenge from developing filtration applications.