Hundreds of pleated mesh filter cartridges on stack
Pleated wire mesh filter cartridges
Cylindrical wire mesh filter cartridge with 226 adapter and perforated metal tube inner support
Cylindrical wire mesh filter cartridges
One wire mesh filter basket on top of dozens of filter baskets, baskets with square hole perforated metal outer protection and grip band
Other customized wire mesh filter elements
Detail view of the profile and support wire of the wedge wire filter element
Wedge wire Johnson screen filter elements
6 pieces of pleated metal filter for filter candle screen changer, with same diameter but different length
Polymer melt filter elements
Perforated metal filter tube spiral welded
Perforated metal filter stainless steel

Other types of metal filter elements: pleated wire mesh filter cartridge, cylindrical wire mesh filter cartridge, other customized wire mesh filter elements, wedge wire filter elements.

Metal filter elements are not limited to these forms and filter media. One metal filter element can be a composite of more than one type of filter media, whether sintered metal or wire mesh. The form and shape are far beyond what we can describe.

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