Other type of wire mesh filter elements with welding, punching, pleating or stamping process can be customized, such as wire mesh extruder screen pack, pleated wire mesh filter disc,  stamped wire mesh filter, wire mesh filter cone, wire mesh filter basket, and others.

316  (1.4401), 316L (1.4404), 304, 304L  stainless steel are the among the standard material for wire mesh filter elements.

Other exotic materials are also available as request, such as 310S, 904L, Hastelloy C276, Hastelloy C22 etc.

Gallery of cylindrical wire mesh filter cartridges

One wire mesh filter basket on top of dozens of filter baskets, baskets with square hole perforated metal outer protection and grip band

Wire mesh filter basket

Two stacks of wire mesh extruder screen pack spot welding type.

Wire mesh extruder screen pack (spot welding).

Two stacks of stamped rim pack wire mesh discs in plastic bags

Stamped rim pack wire mesh disc

Dozens of wire mesh filter cones with perforated metal support, cone upward and flange downward on the table

Wire mesh filter cones with perforated metal support

Two wire mesh filter cone temporary strainer, four holes on each flange

Wire mesh filter cone temporary strainer