Dozens of sintered metal mesh filter cartridges
Sintered metal mesh filter cartridges
Assembly of sintered metal mesh filter disc plate for nutche filter
Sintered metal mesh filter discs plate
Dozens of sintered metal fiber felt filter cartridges, without any outer protection sleeve
Sintered metal fiber felt filter cartridges
Two pieces of sintered porous metal powder filter cartridges, with black color sealing gasket
Sintered porous metal powder filter cartridges
Sintered metal mesh filter basket strainer with grip band laying down
Sintered metal mesh filter basket strainer
4 sintered metal mesh filter tube & screen for automatic filter. lianda filter employee standing for size comparison
Sintered metal mesh filter tube & screen
Sintered metal mesh filter cone with flange, background are several sintered mesh fitler tube
Sintered wire mesh filter elements other customized

Sintered metal filter elements can be manufactured with various sintered metal filter media, which often include: sintered wire mesh laminates, sintered metal fiber felt (random fiber) , sintered powder porous metal and even combination of these types.

Filter media of sintered metal filter elements

Cross section of sintered wire mesh laminates

Sintered wire mesh laminates are multi-layer of wire cloth calendered and diffusion bonded. It is the combination of wire cloth.

Microscopic view of sintered metal fiber felt

Sintered metal fiber felt is made of random metal fiber, with process of random laying and sintering. It is non-woven like porous in-depth filter media.

Microscopic view of sintered porous metal powder

Sintered  powder porous metal is one kind of filter product from powder metallurgy. Metal powders are filled in the mold, then pressed and sintered. It is porous solid metal with in-depth filtration property.

Characteristics of sintered metal filter elements

All these sintered metal filter media are good alternative of non-metallic filter media ( PP, paper, glass fiber, etc). Because they have great characteristics to suit for harsh working environment:

  • Fixed hole / pore size even under high pressure and temperature
  • Resistant to temperature up to 800 degree Celsius ( certain alloy and thread connection)
  • Washable and easy-to-clean
  • Reusable even after chemical cleaning or burning
  • Strong integrity and strength to withstand higher pressure and shock
  • Self support or all welded structure, no risk of failure of glue and adhesive
Sintered metal filter elements - two sintered mesh filter cartridges on left and two metal powder filter cartridge on the right

Sintered metal filter elements – sintered mesh and metal powder filter

Forming type and material of sintered metal filter

Sintered metal filter media can be formed into many types of filter elements:

Metal materials for sintered metal filter media have many choices, from ordinary 316L to outstanding corrosion resistant Hastelloy C22. We have experience with handling various metal materials, and we are willing to explore and try new materials to fulfill your new requirements.