Stainless steel filter cartridges are widely used in applications where non-metallic filter cartridges can not work well. They can be high pressure, high temperature, severe corrosive chemical environmental, static electric sensitive, or reusable and washable needed working conditions.

Applications of stainless steel filter cartridges:

  • chemical processing,
  • pharmaceutical processing,
  • food & beverage,
  • steam filtration,
  • hot gas / air filtration,
  • dedusting,
  • polymer filtration,
  • catalyst recovery,
  • cryogenic filter, etc.

Filter media of SS filter cartridges:

Cartridges types are mainly divided as pleated and cylindrical. Check this blog for the comparison.

Standard flow direction is from outside to inside. The max differential pressure is 10 bar. Backwash and reverse flow max differential pressure is 3 bar.

*Differential pressure may differ as filter cartridge structure varies.

  • Stainless steel filter cartridges - sintered wire mesh filter
  • Stainless steel filter cartridges - pleated wire mesh filter
  • Stainless steel filter cartridges - wedge wire filter
  • Stainless steel filter cartridges - sintered metal powder filter

Filter rating & material of stainless steel filter cartridges

Filter rating range of the SS filter cartridges is determined by the corresponding filter media.

Typical ratings are 0.5 1 2 5 10 15 20 25 30 40 50 100 150 20 microns.

SS 304, 304L, 316 and 316L are the mostly used material for stainless cartridges.

While 310S (for high temperature), 904L (for high corrosion resistant) and Duplex 2205 / 2507 (higher strength and corrosion resistance) stainless steel are also applied in some demanding applications.

Other metal materials ( titanium, nickel based alloy, copper alloy, etc) can also be used for filter cartridges if stainless steel is still not satisfactory.