Steam filters are to remove the unwanted particles in the steam.They are the key for clean and quality steam.

Steam filters are occasionally subject to high temperature and pressure because the possibility of transferring over-saturated steam.

Stainless steel steam filters

Stainless steel filter elements are most widely used in steam filtration.

The stainless steel can withstand the temperature and pressure of the steam, and it is can be easily cleaned and sterilized.

The stainless steel steam filter can also meet the strict sanitary standard after polishing.

Process steam and culinary steam filter often have different requirement on the micron rating.

Ordinary micron rating of the steam filters includes 1 micron, 5 micron and 25 micron.

Stainless steel sintered metal filter elements: pleated, sintered

Sintered steam filter

– sintered metal powder filter

Sintered metal powder filter is the sintered steel filter made from metal beads in micron by pressing, forming and sintering.

The spaces between beads form porous flow paths through the thickness of the sintered metal filter.

  • Porous structure
  • Low flow rate
  • Robust
  • Relatively low price
Sintered metal powder steam filter elements double o ring

Pleated steam filter

– Pleated wire mesh, sintered metal fiber filter

Wire mesh is the netting with holes made by weaving of stainless steel wires.

Sintered metal fiber is the felt like metal filter media made by laying of micronic metal fibers and sintering.

Pleating is the process of folding these filter media for larger filtration area in compact space.

  • In-depth filtration with dirt holding capacity (metal fiber)
  • Larger filtration area
  • Higher flow rate
  • Lower pressure drop
  • Relatively high price
Sintered metal fiber pleated stainless steel steam filter cartridges

Sintered mesh steam filter

– sintered wire mesh filter

Sintered wire mesh is multi-layer wire mesh diffusion bonded for better strength and self-supporting.

It is good substitute for sintered metal powder filter in some surface filtration applications.

  • Surface filtration
  • Light weight
  • Easy to clean (Read this page for more)
  • Medium price
Sintered wire mesh steam filter cartridges

In applications like cyclone separator filter, which can also remove the water drops in the steam by centrigual force,

the sintered mesh filter is the particle filter to remove the solid contamination in the steam.

Typical adapter/ end fitting

  • 226 double o-ring with bayonet lock wings
  • 222 / other size double o-ring
  • Cone / fin alignment end fitting
Pleated stainless steel steam filter 226 bayonet
Pleated stainless steel steam filter elements oversized

Reference products

There are many stainless steel steam filters from renowned filtration solution providers.

Here we list several of the most popular for your reference.

  • GSL LifeTectmPleated stainless steel filter elements
  • P-GS Sintered stainless steel filter elements
Parker Filtration
  • ZCHS Pleated stainless steel filter cartridges
  • ZCSS Sintered stainless steel filter cartridges
  • Jumbo cartridges
  • PSS Porous metal filter cartridges
Porvair filtration
  • Sinterflo M / P / F series stainless steel filter elements

Metal filter manufacturing

We are focusing on the manufacturing of metallic filter elements for end users, dealers and machine suppliers.

Show us the sample or drawing, we will produce the filter elements as what you need.

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